Tuition Fees Policy

  2018 / 2019 Update  

1-Tuition Fees

  Grade Fees Required Down Payment First Installment Sept. 1st Second
Installment Jan. 1st
Installment April. 1st
Discount for more
10 %
Amount after
KG1 +
1050 KD 100 KD 320 KD 320 KD 310 KD 105 KD 945 KD
( 1-4)
1445 KD 100 KD 450 KD 450 KD 445 KD 145 KD 1300 KD
1775 KD 100 KD 560 KD 560 KD 555 KD 175 KD 1600 KD
2130 KD 100 KD 680 KD 680 KD 670 KD 210 KD 1920 KD

2-Tuition Discount        

* Discount  that given to parents will be canceled if the school fees  not paid on time till 1 / 2  

  1. The sibling are entitled to a discount of 10 % for second student ,third students and so on .
  2. No discount will be given to the student who withdraws during the school year.
  3. In case any of the siblings withdraws , the discount recalculated according to item (1).
  4. In case the parents employer is paying for the tuition, the school must get a letter from that employer starting that the fees will be paid ,and the parents will not benefit from the discount , noting that the school will not withhold the students report card in case the tuition fees are not paid on time. 


      In case of student withdrawal , please note the following :

  1. The 100 KD fee is non refundable and non transferable.
  2. If  student withdraws on Sept. 1st ,first installment .The school is entitled to take one third of the tuition fees .
  3. If a student withdraws on Jan..1st ,second installment . The school is entitled to take two-thirds of the tuition fees.
  4. If a student withdraws on April 1st , last installment. The school is entitled to take whole of the tuition fees.
  5. The registration fees (100) KD  is not refundable if the student withdraws at the beginning of the academic year 1/9 and does not continue.

4-School Bus

The annual bus fee to all areas ( depends on the no. of students in each area ) is 220 KD payable at the beginning of the academic year.


I , the undersigned agree on the above mentioned rules as well as all the school rules and regulations .

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